The New York Times


Tavern on Jane is a convivial, unpretentious neighborhood bar and grill. The skewed angle of the old floor, the…brick walls and ceiling, and the fireplace create a cheery, almost Dickensian image.

– Howard G. Goldberg



I’ve probably eaten more meals at Tavern on Jane than any other restaurant in New York. And it’s not just because I live around the corner. This modest, friendly destination places a premium on food rarely found in casual, neighborhood joints. Inventive nightly specials complement a menu stocked with dependable basics.

Daily News


Tavern on Jane sits on a nondescript corner of Eighth Ave. and Jane Street. It’s easy to miss and that’s a pity, because if you do, you’re missing one of the warmest, coziest, most unpretentious spot in Greenwich Village. Yes, the service is excellent, the food good and the prices extremely reasonable. But you don’t need to sample any of these to get a sense of what makes this place special. You’ll know that as soon as you walk inside. It’s got atmosphere.

New York Post


Next time you sit down to eat a hamburger, say happy birthday – America’s favorite sandwich turns 100 this year.

While nobody knows who was literally the first to put a chopped-beef patty between bread, it’s generally agreed that America’s love affair with the hamburger dates back to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, when a Texan named Fletcher “Old Dave” Davis created a small sensation by selling them on the midway.

A hundred years later, the burger is booming in New York. Whether you’re after a fast-food quick fix, a late-night pub meal or a luxe version complete with fois gras and a double-digit price tag, the city is increasingly loaded with options. In honor of the burger’s centennial, The Post tracked down some of the city’s best, researched over a few gut-punishing days. We’ve skipped the high-end models, and instead looked far and wide for the kind of everyman burgers that would have made Old Dave proud…

On West Fourth Street in the Village, head toward the Corner Bistro, where crowds gather for the celebrated fist-sized cheeseburgers – but then skip the line and cross the street to Tavern on Jane (31 Eighth Ave.; [212] 675-2526). That’s the advice of Mr. Cutlets, the author of “Meat Me in Manhattan: A Carnivore’s Guide to New York,” who swears the tavern’s burgers are a cut above those of its celebrated neighbor.

“It’s the most perfectly constructed of the city’s big bar burgers,” he says. “It’s similar in its succulence to the place across the street, but it’s bigger, and the meat is better. And no one knows about it.”